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Physics! Pro $1.99

More than 40 formulas built in!

"...Nice clean, and simple." - Timothy Schene (Customer Review), ★★★★★

"Fantastic App: Easy problem solving, easy solutions. Great app." - TobiasJames (Customer Review), ★★★★★

Physics! Pro is a physics calculator which can find, in English or Metric Units:

- End Velocity of Inelastic Collisions

- End Velocity of Elastic Collisions

- Force, Mass, and Acceleration

- Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a moving object

- Period and Frequency of a Pendulum

- Distance, Time and Gravity

- Potential and Kinetic Energy

- The force of gravity between two objects

- Work, Force and Distance

- Power, Work and Time

- Angular Momentum

- Rotational inertia for a(n):

-- Simple Pendulum
-- Solid Cylinder
-- Hoop (about normal axis or diameter)
-- Stick (about CG or about end)
-- Solid Sphere about CG

- Pressure, Area and Force

- Centripetal Force

- Ohm's Law

- Coulomb's Law

- E = mc²

- Radioactive Decay

- Electric Potential, Electric Potential Energy, and Charge

- Speed, Wavelength, and Frequency for Waves

- Index of Refraction

- Spring Potential Energy

If that's not enough, you can add your own custom equations, with up to 4 variables.

This app can calculate these in English OR Metric!

The number of decimal places shown by the app is customizable.

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